The David and Elaine Potter Foundation.
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    The David and Elaine Potter Foundation
    is a charitable grant giving foundation established in 1999 to encourage a stronger and fairer society. Since then we have granted over £15 million to registered charities in the UK and abroad. There are three main areas that we support: Education, Civil Society, and Research.

  • Education

    We believe that at the root of a strong society is an educated populace with access to good quality information. Without education, people struggle to participate in decision-making and change: the Foundation supports projects which promote education for all people.

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  • Civil Society

    We believe the essentials of a strong society are good governance and total respect for each individual’s human, civil and legal rights. A strong civil society is essential to allow education to flourish.

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  • Research

    We believe that a fair and strong society makes rational decisions and plans based on sound, well-researched information. Our grants enable academic institutions to carry out high quality research that will underpin these rational choices and suggest new, fairer ways of organising society.

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