The Bingham Centre for the Rule of Law

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The rule of law is widely recognised to be the foundation of a society which respects everyone’s equal dignity and an essential element of economic development. The Bingham Centre was launched in 2010 to honour the work and career of Lord Bingham of Cornhill, a great judge and passionate advocate of the rule of law. It is the only international centre of excellence solely dedicated to the study, promotion and enhancement of the rule of law worldwide.

Since its launch four years ago The Bingham Centre has been consulted by governments, companies, NGOs and the judiciary in the UK, Bahrain, Libya, South Africa, Burma/Myanmar, Nepal, the Palestinian authority, Russia, Singapore and Taiwan. The beneficiaries of the Centre’s work range from states to individual citizens.

We have provided core funding to the Bingham Centre since its launch, allowing the appointment of a Director and Deputy Director. These appointments have made a significant difference to the profile, funding capacity and effectiveness of the Centre, allowing it to pursue international opportunities.

Highlights include: