Independent Diplomat

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Independent Diplomat (ID) is an innovative venture in the world of international relations, diplomacy and conflict prevention. They are a non–profit advisory group, created to enable broader participation in diplomatic decision–making in forums such as the United Nations and to reform the machinery of international diplomacy, thereby strengthening the agreements and policies that arise from diplomatic negotiations.

There are a great many people who are ignored and marginalised in the world of diplomacy – usually those who are suffering the most. Due to a combination of inexperience and lack of resources, they are unable to put their views across effectively in bilateral and multilateral negotiations, and as a result, are routinely denied their legitimate voice. This is not only unfair, but too often produces unsustainable agreements that, by failing to take everyone’s interests into account, contribute to instability and violent conflict.

ID was founded in 2004 by former British diplomat Carne Ross to remedy this diplomatic deficit and to open the closed doors of an international diplomatic system that has historically favoured the powerful and influential. Our support has provided ID with the flexibility to take on new, urgent projects.

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