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We have been supporting doctoral and masters students at the University of Cape Town since 2003. Our grants have supported the development of graduates who will support and nurture civil society in South Africa.

The fellows’ disciplines are broad and varied and include engineering, humanities, business studies, economics, politics, law, psychology and the sciences. In addition to their academic work fellows take part in postgraduate and public seminars, develop leadership skills, and participate actively in community initiatives.

Munirah Mangerah was one of our fellows, who studied for a Masters degree in clinical psychology. She looked at the impact of caregiving on grandmothers caring for children who were orphaned or vulnerable because of HIV/AIDS.

“The fellowship provided an invaluable opportunity to interact with students from various disciplines. The planning and execution of the seminar programme was exciting and challenging: it brought together people interested in the field of ageing from various strata, including academia, Non–Governmental Organisations, local health care workers, and local and national government... I am appreciative to the fellowship for granting me the opportunity to benefit from such an enriching experience.”

Munirah Mangerah, fellow

Details of the scholars we have supported can be found on

The Potter Fellowships are administered by the University of Cape Town and not by us. If you have any questions about the Fellowships, or want to know how to apply, then please contact the Postgraduate Centre & Funding Office at UCT.

Scholarship essays

Below are a small selection of essays submitted to UCT by students who applied successfully for our scholarships. They give a feel for the wide range of subjects covered, and for the deep commitment of the students to contributing to civil society as a result of their further studies.

In 2015 the Potter Fellowships Alumni Committee undertook a ten year review of the Fellowships. Their final publication can be viewed here

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